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Baroness Warsi and the EDL join hands on grooming

Baroness Warsi should be respected for her achievements; however on the grooming cases, she is dangerously wrong

There is no place for sexual abuse in civilised society. Baroness Warsi’s comments over the weekend¬†highlighted the excellent response from a number of different community organisations. However, having been largely silent on the issue for so long, to then come out prompted neither by a sense of political leadership nor civic duty, but due to prompting from her father no less; the belated response has been less than satisfactory and is potentially dangerous and reckless.

If we look at the national picture, we know that 93% of the perpetrators of paedophilia in the UK are white whilst demographically constituting 87% of the UK population; this is to be compared with Black and Asian perpetrators being responsible for 7% of national cases whilst they make up some 13% of the UK population (H.M. Prison Service 2007a report).

Now let’s see how this compares to the local picture. The Guardian reports that the ethnic breakdown of West Yorkshire as follows: White British 81.55%, Mixed 1.81%, Asian / Asian British 10.21%, Black / Black British 1.90% and Chinese 0.46%. A recent FOI request relating to West Yorkshire reported that there were 53 grooming cases over the last 3 years. Of these, 5 were committed by Asians putting the issue approximately en par with the mix of the local community. However, white grooming cases accounted for 47 of the 53 cases which makes it disproportionately higher for the white community, compared to the local demographic mix.

This tells us a number of things; firstly, that it is utterly wrong to conflate the issue of grooming or paedophilia (or claim it it be a disproportionately big problem) with a specific minority community for reasons of ethnicity, race or religion and belief. If this is going to be done, as arbitrary as it might be and as loathe as one might be to want to accept it; the evidence indicates that the broader problem is overwhelmingly a white male one. Two weeks ago we waded through the commentary rebuking that it was a race issue. Worse still, it is now being touted as a religious one – both by bigots on the far right and the Chairman of the Conservative party.

There is no doubt that a spike in convictions of Asian men – either by targeted policing or a variation in criminal behaviour – does not mean there is a relation between religion and sexual criminality. To suggest this is the case, takes us back to the dangerous hate rhetoric of the 1930s directed at the Jewish populations of Europe. Let us remember that also at that time, Governments were complacent and naval gazing.

It is a damning indictment that it needs to be said that Islam condemns without reservation such criminality and any oppression of people in society. In fact, social justice is at the heart of the resurgent Islamic message. It is utterly a non sequitur to hold a faith responsible for the actions of misguided individuals, who have been acting in complete contradiction to the rules and core values of that faith.

The English Defence League are proposing to demonstrate in Rochdale on 9th June 2012 – citing in a promotional video that they are protesting against “Muslim Grooming Gangs” and that these crimes are “mostly religiously motivated”. There could be nothing further from the truth. The Baroness has inadvertently and quite clumsily given her full support to the far right and Islamophobes who are looking to peddle misinformation and hate based on religion. The far right have for a number of weeks, already been suspected of posting on Twitter the home address and name of one of the convicted criminals. Arguably, a public order offence and incitement to violence.

Our political leaders have a responsibility to look at issues reasonably and to address the complex factors which go hand in hand with increased criminality: diminished socio economic standing, social deprivation, moral decline, child poverty, young people who are NEET, general low employment and low educational attainment, low aspiration and reduced social mobility. The black community in the US have long been unjustly labelled as “more likely to be criminal” whilst their accusers have also failed to look at the social indicators that lead to black crime.

Sexual crime is heinous. The UK is home to 122 adult rapes per day, in addition to 60 child rapes each and every day. We also have the unwelcome privilege of being the sex trafficking and teenage pregnancy capital of the world. Tell me we don’t have a problem. Scape goating either the Asian community, or worse still, the Muslim community is both reckless and demeans the seriousness of these issues.

Unfortunately, it seems the Chairwoman of the Conservative Party is unable to think outside of her limited field of view; instead feeding into continuing Tory, right wing anti-Islam rhetoric and a xenophobic discourse which fuels the far right. Dangerously so.

post script – if the name was Wilders, Le Pen or Robinson perhaps those claims would have been seen in a different light. Sarkozyesque. Cynical.

The Evening Standard requested a response and this article was provided on 21st May 2012 

13 comments on “Baroness Warsi and the EDL join hands on grooming

  1. Anonymous

    I think that the English natives are barbarically racist and must have a “gene” for racism, and probably other genes for distorting the truth, invading and killing muslims etc etc. The English natives like all europeans have an inferiority complex that they try to address by brainwashing their kind into thinking that their kind is pure. The forget to mention that the only “PURE” is in their PURE evil makeup.. I stopped listening to the English “news” and “views”..they need their brains analyzed and lots psychotherapy and education – hopefully even brain transplants before they can be viewed as human beings. Power to the views of Malcolm X and may Muslims learn from the STYLE of Malcolm X. Warsi is just a toff daughter of an exploiting immigrant who got handpicked by toffey nosed cameron. No respect for people like that. At all.


  2. splasher

    As a native English person I have a wide diversity of friends an can assure you I am not 'barbarically racist' in any way. I don't agree with the way groups like the EDL make reference to ALL Muslims because of the bad deeds of a few and I would hate for Muslims to do the same to the Native English again, because of the racist views of a few.


  3. Anonymous

    Sorry, but as a Muslim I have to disagree with your views. My English friends and family are certainly not “pure” evil. I suggest you take the time to mix with and meet more English people and realise that just as you dislike Muslims being stereotyped you shouldn't stereotype others. It is sadly ironic that you talk about racism and quote Malcolm X.


  4. Anonymous

    Sorry, but as a Muslim with English friends and family members I must disagree with your view. Just as you dislike Muslims being stereotyped negatively I suggest you do not stereotype every English person. Please remember that not every English person is a member of the EDL or supports their views. I can certainly attest to the fact that not all English people are “pure” evil. It is sadly ironic that you speak of racism and yet seem oblivious to the racist comments you have just made.


  5. Ibn Abi Abd

    Hitting the nail on the head there Mo. When i read the interview in the Evening Standard, i thought her dad made a big mistake in making her open her mouth; she souldve kept it shut. Her opening her mouth has done more damage htan her silence has – nothing new with Warsi.
    Although what she has said may fuel hate from the far right, i think your comment of 'giving her full support to the far right…' is tad harsh on her.


  6. Anonymous

    I am Asian (atheist), and I think there is a serious problem how Muslim men in UK view white women. I think their mothersare partly to blame.If they are told from childhood 'don't sleep with a 'white girl', don't even contemplate marrying a gori, what mesage does the boy get?


  7. Mohammed Ansar

    Actually the full sentence read: “The Baroness has inadvertently and quite clumsily given her full support to the far right and Islamophobes who are looking to peddle misinformation and hate based on religion.”
    – as such I'm not sure its inaccurate.


  8. Mohammed Ansar

    Why focus on Muslim men? Sex crime, rape and paedophilia is disproportionately NOT a Muslim problem.

    You cant take your own narrow and limited experience and extrapolate wide inferences from it.

    And incidentally, what do we say about the mothers of the children, out on the streets during all hours, allowing their children to be plied with alcohol?


  9. The Akh

    Very pertinent points made on this topic, ones that are sadly ignored by the “soundbite” driven media.

    Once the facts are examined you can see clearly where the real crux of the problem lies.

    A combination of right wing tabloids (guess who owns them?), columnists who've been making a living out of spreading anti-muslim rhethoric since 9/11 & the incremental rise of right wing racists such as the EDL & “British Freedom” Party are all contributing towards a combustible mix.

    I appreciate the link back to my article.

    You ought to blog more often.


  10. Cyril Lucar

    Mr Ansar,

    While you may be right about the prevalence of child sexual abuse, there are still questions remaining. The first is whether or not sexual abuse has even reporting across communities. Experience tells us that in insular communities, this is often not the case, there is a tendency for dramatic under-reporting. Second, since in many Muslim communities, certainly not all, nine is seen as the age of marriageability


  11. Anonymous

    The 2012 Sue Berelowitz report says that Asians are behind 27%, with Asians being 4-6% of the UK population. Facts needs sticking to rather than dubious %'s reporting to be from 2007….

    I'd say that this is a big problem that needs dealing with. The'it's not us it's white people' yap no longer works. Nor does covering up the abuse (Blackpool, Derby, Rotherham to name a few)


  12. Anonymous

    The statistics quoted here are using the “Asian ” community which is then bringing the number of cases in line. When you remove the effect of the non muslim Asian community from the stats then a whole new story is told. You can not sanely argue that muslim groomers of underage girls are not HUGELY over represented in these crimes. You cannot sanely argue that these cases do not have a religious element to them as every single victim has been a non muslim girl.
    Don't take my word for it, take ten minutes and do your own research and read the names of every single “Asian” grooming case and you will see for yourself that every single name is a muslim name. Bar none.
    I await with interest to see if my post is “approved”
    I bet it won't be…


  13. Anonymous

    Above somewhere in the comments the mention of cases going unreported…well it went on in the bbc.and other mainly white controlled organisations. Jimmy saviloe and cronies just to name a few.


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