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America: Heroin, War and Bloodlust – A Jester’s Empire Out Of Control

wpid-img_20150426_225001.jpgIt has been 40 years since the end of the war in Vietnam. It was a conflict in which 3,000,000 Vietnamese people were massacred. Inhumanity, barbarity and bloodlust has been the calling card of the Anglo-American axis during the last hundred years. The cold truth is that the promise of Obama was just as much a lie as the American dream has been a façade. Where the bombing of Vietnam ended, the destruction of other nations continued.

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The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner is a swanky affair when the good and great of the Washington beltway, journalists and politicos on both side of the divide, come together to celebrate the openness of the White House and Presidency to the media. Jokes are told. Drinks flow. The people revel in their exclusivity. How very funny they all are. How to be in the company of the first lady. A style and lifestyle icon. Finally, a black Gwyneth for white women to fawn over. Oh to listen to those swingeing remarks from Cecily Strong. Yes, Obama’s hair was now so white it could “talk back to the police”. How stupid those silly black men murdered by white officers were. Yes, how funny it all was. This President has been truly remarkable. With their ‘Hope’ and ‘Yes We Can’ campaign, the democratic party brought out more diverse peoples to vote and mass mobilisation of the young than ever seen before. New voters. New energy. The dark and ugly days of Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney were behind us – the days of illegal invasions, of torture and killing, of economic turmoil. Even if a Kenyan Muslim had to be elected. Well, after all, it’s a brave new America, right?

Alas, the American Dream is little more than a veneer. It is a sugar-coated marketing tool so that you eat your medicine and shut-the-fuck-up. Watch your movies. You have been sold. Stay sold. No refunds. America is no more a dream than the nightmare of a nation taken by force, by bloodshed, built upon slavery, violence and bloodshed, which has since unleashed brutality and bloodshed the world over. America is 300 million people in indentured servitude, serving an intricate system of corporate and industrial interests that bleeds them dry whilst simultaneously placing their wealth into the pockets of a debauched elite. There is no dream here, just nightmares. Vampires and villainy. It matters not who sits at the helm of America. The driver is no more a driver than any passenger aboard that Flying Dutchman. The new American century hurtles towards its destination and no man may divert its course, let alone a Kenyan Muslim one. Drink your beer. Profess to be Irish. Kiss the babies. Go to church. Smile. Read the autocue. Do not ever think for a moment, about leading. You are not there to deliver change. We’ll have to await a far greater power to do that. Obama, should have improved conditions for blacks in America, not made them worse. Obama should have ushered in an era of peace and prosperity between the West and the Muslim world; it was the promise of his Cairo speech. Instead he presided over an era which brought millions in the Muslim world to the brink of hell as he went to war with eight Muslim majority nations. Correction: he brought them hell.


10 million human beings displaced. 200,000 dead. Assad is, as was his father before him was, an ally to the West. They have always been. TheyEmbedded image permalink remain so. It is in Israeli, Iranian and US interests to have them in power and woe betide a situation that sees a confluence of those powers. Rather a broken Syria under Alawite Assad, than the return of Sunni Muslim self-rule. This is a long standing project – a mere 200,000 dead (or 30,000 under his father) won’t derail it. The Anglo-American response to the escalating loss of life in Syria has been to carry out air strikes. Not against the Assad regime as you might think, but to support him by killing his enemies. Not that Assad’s enemies are any friends of ours by the way. And so the innocent and noble people of Syria continue to suffer the most brutal of oppression: mutilation, rape, torture, death. More monsters.


The toppling of our own funded and armed tyrant, Gaddaffi, whom Western leaders embraced and traded high-grade oil and weapons. It has really been a case of Dear Mu’ammar, hugs Tony. And after he was sodomised with a bayonet and murdered, we then bombed that nation to smithereens and handed it, broken pieces and all, to the extremists. If it wasn’t for the sight of children drowning on European television screens, we wonder whether the West would have escaped the inconvenient consequence of its policies entirely.


2 million dead. A civilisation of learning, religious history and human enlightenment stretching back to antiquity, in utter ruins. The monsters we created, armed, trained and funded, now run amuck. We Frankensteins have unleashed our monsters on people who have suffered enough already at the hands of our armed forces, torture camps where their husbands, fathers and sons were stripped naked, smeared in human excrement, piled high on-top of one another, attacked with dogs and electrocuted. Some were just beaten. Others were saved this inhumanity and were simply killed. By Western forces. Dictators and tyrants, Saddam was our man after all. The WMDs he got rid of, we gave him. His Ba’ath interests for a pro-West secular Middle East was our movement. Anything but Sunni rule. Rather ISIS and an Arab nation into Shia hands for the first time in 800 years, than Sunni rule, in fact.

Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Drones are death by cowards from remote unmanned vehicles thousands of miles away. It is the bastion of brave soldiering today. Defence of the American realm. Drones which have targeted weddings and family gathering and have taken over 3,000 human lives in Pakistan. Little do people know but drone accuracy in Afghanistan and Pakistan has been 1.76%, some 10 times less accurate than air strikes. They are a far more effective method of killing innocent civilians than any suicide bomb. For all the beheadings and incinerations by radicals and extremists, those caused from US controlled drones are far greater in number. Far greater. And whilst we rightly mourned the children murdered in the Peshawar killings, by Taliban armed and trained by the US; it was clear that the Taliban have no monopoly on the massacring of Pakistani kids. We ignored the attack last November against the Hangu school where 80 children were sleeping. Ten of those children were killed in their sleep. Killed by CIA drone. It was a mere ten children that time; a previous CIA drone had destroyed a school in Bajaur and killed 70 children. Woodward’s book Obama’s Wars estimates there were only ever 45 Al Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan whilst Obama had in excess of 100,000 US troops there waging war against its peoples. The invasion of Afghanistan resulted in the diminishing of human rights and infrastructure, what was left of it after four previous invasions over 130 years – three by Britain and one by the USSR. The single biggest result since the allied invasion: opium output is up 3000%. With 200,000 hectares now dedicated to its growth, today Afghanistan supplies 90% of the world’s heroin at a revenue of $200bn. Cometh demand, cometh supply or perhaps it has been cometh supply, cometh demand. Either way, in Obama’s America, estimates are that between 600,000 and 1 million people are currently addicted to heroin, as Mexican cartels buy from Afghanistan and supply to the US. Of those addicts, 90% are white and most are female.


Obama and the UK sponsored a coup by Mubarak’s army lead by Sisi, to overthrow a democratically elected President Morsi and his administration. Such is the realpolitik of Anglo-American support for democracy around the world. Hundreds have now been sentenced to death. Journalists imprisoned. Morsi given a life sentence. The popular will and democracy, set aside for a military tyrant. Sisi. Our man.


Obama has worked with the UK and EU to fund the Svoboda Nazi far right to overthrow the government. The EU has invested $3bn into the Ukraine-coup project and the US spent $5bn according to the leaked Victoria Nuland tapes. Much straight to Nazi Svoboda hands. Nuland not only met both Tyahnybok and Yatsenyuk but she gave them US backing. The US, NATO and UK have been more than happy to poke Russia by destabilising Ukraine. The threat to Russian interests by fomenting a coup on the doorstep of the Russian fleet in Crimea has been no accident – it has been a ploy to provoke the Russian bear into biting it. Russia has 26,500 troops permanently based in Crimea by Treaty, notwithstanding their naval fleet. Despite Yanukovich and the Crimean Prime Minister requesting Russia to mobilise its troops stationed in Crimea, NATO’s Rasmussen (even having left NATO) and the West still are still crying “invasion” in a crowded theatre, falsely claiming Russian expansionism. After Chechnya, few will be fans of Putin but you’d have to be a complete imbecile not to acknowledge they had no choice but to secure Crimea and Eastern Ukraine once provoked. This has been nothing short of an exercise in Western agitation, provocation, propaganda and a direct strategic effort to destabilise the world. A part of Obama’s legacy has been to usher in a new cold war.

Palestine, Gaza and Israel.

And how we have wept for Gaza. 500 children massacred in 50 days by Israel. Some whilst playing football on the beach. And when Israel ran out of munitions to kill people, there was a cessation in hostilities – a half-time of sorts. During this time, Dr Mads Gilbert treated the sick and dying in Al Shifa hospital, night and day. Meanwhile the Obama administration re-armed and re-supplied Israel with bullets, missiles and grenades. The US policy to keep funding, supporting and arming a maniacal and out of control Israel, a nuclear state and a threat to global stability and to the region, one which cares not for peace, and despite Obama’s reluctance to be seen with Netanyahu, the support has never waned. Netanyahu was recently the perfect house guest for Obama. He arrived uninvited by him but by Speaker John Boehner. In a rare glimpse into the toothlessness of POTUS, Netanyahu uninvited, insulted him on his door step and left Obama to make mealy-mouthed pleas of support for Israel. It is not Obama alone. In 2010, the UK government granted licences for £23.7m of arms to Israel. For how long will we fund the terrorism of the Palestinian people by Israel? As Dr Mads said in his homecoming speech

“The heart of the Earth beats in Gaza now. It bleeds, but it beats”


The US has invaded and usurped more than 90 nations since World War 2. It is a list of nations smashed and broken by Obama, his predecessors and his allies which is too long to list here. For all the chaos on foreign shores, Obama’s domestic policies have been no less tyrannical. He extended the Patriot Act and then set new records crushing journalists by using the Espionage Act. He refused to close Guantanamo. Mass surveillance has reached new extremes as all citizens have become potential suspects. Obama repealed more gun control laws in two years than Bush did in two terms. More guns. More deaths.

The promise of Obama as a liberal reformer was a sham. A fallacy. It was a mirage. It continues to be one. The promise of every American President will be the same until that system itself changes. I fear it is no different in Britain. Tying these nations together, are threads of global militarisation and corporate agendas. Increased transparency about the activities of the Anglo-American axis has resulted in an increasing criminalisation of its citizens, and increased mass surveillance. Conflicts abroad require either the ignorance, or the fear and acquiescence of the people at home, through hate of the other. The fodder for the Anglo-American model of global supremacy requires a regular tide of hate. In the US it wpid-img_20150902_191814.jpgis brown-skinned Mexicans and Muslims, in Europe it is brown-skinned migrants and Muslims, who we allow to drown in our seas by our own policies and then hold summits to agree not to help them but to shell their boats. These poor people who flee oppression and wars we brought upon them see our humanity – your oppressors do not welcome you. Beyond cross border agreements to privatise the public sector, the Anglo-American axis is bound by its unerring support of Israel and a subset of well-funded neoconservatives who fan the flames of a necessary hate against people who might bring about a real change: Muslims.

There has never been a more pressing time for us to plug the moral vacuum, to bring about a renewal in social, spiritual and moral values and to change our priorities. It is time to put the needs of people first, not the interests of corporations. Not greed. Real people. What insanity is it when we can cure poverty, hunger, homelessness, to feed and house comfortably every man woman and child on the earth, yet we choose not to. Must we choose fear. Must we choose distractions. Must we choose self-interest. We bring about our own hells on earth. Our souls are created to seek out the truth. We have the drive not only to know the truth but a duty to spread it. We have to break out from this sleeping state we are all in. The world burns and it is time to stop with shiny trinkets, distractions and curating our lives on social media.

The culture of our world is illusory. It’s time to speak the truth and find routes to peace and closer relations with one another. Believe me when I say none of that comes without first finding inner peace.

The machine will continue to eat us until we stop it. Don’t ever think for a moment it will change itself.

One comment on “America: Heroin, War and Bloodlust – A Jester’s Empire Out Of Control

  1. Ernst Webber

    Utter rubbish. You are obviously quite a clever man, if only you did a bit of fact checking and wasn’t quite so obvious a hater of all things western, you might get somewhere. But while you continue to be produce this level of article, you will continue to be ridiculed by people and filed alongside David Icke. Nevermind, you continue to blame everything on everyone else and you will get nowhere.


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