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Europe’s Dehumanisation of Migrants


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It is time to face facts. For centuries, the West has been embroiled in the pillage of Africa and Muslim majority nations. We are now seeing significant numbers leaving these conflict zones and looking for safety and solace. Our approach in the West has been to label these people as “migrants” and “illegals”. They are not objects of vilification, nor should they be allowed to become so. They are people. They are human beings. They are, more often than not, according to the UN, refugees.

It’s time we stopped the rising tide of prejudice against them. This is a battle of ideologies, of hearts and minds. Of language. After all, we have enough room; we have enough money; we have enough jobs. They are us.

The effect of the war of words against immigrants (yes, often darker-complexioned and Muslim) is to dehumanise them. To objectify them. It makes it easier to institute harsh and draconian measures against them. It makes it easier to turn the other cheek. To ignore their plight. One can argue whether this is by-design or the law-of-unintended-consequences but either way it is a problem we have no choice but to solve. This State and media led ostriching of heads in sand, to ignore the reality, is beyond absurd. Where we are today is as a result of successive government policy in the West, who have been the primary abusers of these nations – it is us who has brutalised, exploited and destroyed them. We left the vacuums of power. It is undeniable that we now have a moral obligation to care for these peoples. It is simply unsustainable that we should condemn these nations for the reasonably foreseeable corruption and collapses of society that resulted from our policies of direct and indirect action.

The West continues to use Africa as its global ATM, earning back $13 for every $1 it gives to Africa in ‘aid’.

As I write this, the German far-right is terrorising the coalition SPD head-quarter offices in Berlin. There have been anti-immigrant / migrant riots and protests across Europe. In Sweden, France and Britain the “othering” of refugees and broader social intolerance is reaching new heights. The rise of hate and prejudice is continuing, not abating. In Australia, immigration camps have been the location of systemic rape and sexual abuse of women and children with one woman lying catatonic in hospital after being raped and beaten; another, raped and immolated. Such is the historic cycle in Europe and the West – from barbarity to enlightenment and back again. All the whilst for economic gain, a cycle of boom and bust, for political control. If ever we were witnessing the death throes of a civilisation in decline and the pillars crumbling of a broken system of politics, this is it. It is a broken monetary and economic system subjugating the many for the benefit of the few. Humanity rejects it – we just need to express our will.

Syrian father, Laith Majid arrived on the shores of Greece with his son and daughter, fleeing the barbarity that has seen Western ally Assad massacre 300,000 of his own people, to maintain his family’s control of Syria. Laith cried for joy on finding sanctuary for his children. And yet still in the UK, we have been including refugees in our migration figures. Britain persists with xenophobic policies, having previously accepted a mere 90 Syrian refugees from a total of 3,200,000 (0.003%). It is proof enough of a hard-hearted approach to a peoples so desperately in need of respite.

Concentration camps for migrants – or rather, refugees, is not the answer. Letting them drown is not the answer. Refusing to help them is not the answer. Immigration is economic growth and prosperity. The global population will reach 11bn by 2100 and so it is surely time we come to terms with flows of human traffic. If we serve their needs, our societies will unquestionably prosper. It is time for us to be builders, educators, feeders and housers. For those who believe in a higher authority, to serve the people is to serve God – for this charity we are rewarded in this life, and the next. Whether crossing the boarders from Libya, the English Channel from France in the back of HGVs, traversing the Mediterranean on fishing boats, fleeing Syrian barrel bombs or our usurpation of African resources; it is time the West looked into it’s heart and accepted its responsibility.

These are the chickens coming home to roost. We broke it. Now we have to pay for it. And we will, one way or the other.

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  1. Erm

    Assad is not a Western allie



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