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From Darkness Into Light And Back: This Is The Ultimate Test Of Humanity


From darkness into light. From barrel bomb to green pastures and open fields. Across mountain and desert. By foot, wheel and sea. And now they exist in body only with their souls and hope ebbing away, along with the fading light of European and Western tolerance and enlightenment.

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It can be only the most absurd and sickening ironies to see the treatment being meted out to the descendants of those who delivered to the West ideas of tolerance and enlightenment; that beyond a harsh, barbaric and insular Christendom there was an other. Humanism. Knowledge. Capability. And so a thousand years after the Golden Age of Islam illuminated Europe and the entire planet, leading to revolutions in spirituality, politics, faith and industry, of art and music, of food and culture; these same people are being washed-up drowned upon the shores of a land where they are now strangers. Rejected. Unwelcome.


We can wring our hands and ask how have we allowed hearts to have become hardened in the West. How knowledge, tolerance and enlightenment has become lost, a hidden esoteric way of life, that once bound together humanity.

But allow it we did. Fear, intolerance and the dark virtues of hate and prejudice have become the currency of modernity, wrapped in a naked and raw immoral capitalism. Of trinkets and self interest. It is a new Nazism where corporations have stripped society of its morality and its intellect and its ability to unite, collectivize, to fight for what is just. Perhaps even to speak and think. But illusory it all is. Illusory it all is. If only we had the courage to believe in what our forefathers gave their lives for.

These things can and do, change. And they must. And they will. InshaAllah: the whisper of a thousand Syrian ghosts.

As the tide of humanity rises and flows from Syria and the surrounding region, it is the neighbouring nations that have done all the heavy lifting. Think not for a moment that the self-aggrandizing exceptionalism pouring from our commentariat is anything less than bullshit.

Syria Map

The Middle East is a region which has seen relentless attack, undermining and usurpation from their Western brethren for over 100 years. When you break it, you have to pay for it. Britain today stands a 94% empty nation (by land mass) with almost one million empty homes. We have enough jobs, enough food, enough space. Yet our government has committed to a mere 4,000 refugees a year for the term of this Parliament. For five years. Perhaps. And then only up to 20,000. Meanwhile in Hungary, Serbia and Macedonia – a region with a history of ethnic cleansing and genocide of Muslims – authorities now treat families who have escaped the Assad barrel bomb, the ISIS beheading and Western air strike (which boast an accuracy of less than 2%) who have reached Europe, by holding them in pens like animals. Behind barbed and razor wire fences. They are treated like animals. When available, food rations are thrown at them. They are beaten with batons. They are gassed. They face water cannon. They are put onto trains and sent to camps.


The politicians with whom their guardianship rests, like the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, talk of a resistance against Islam and the defence of a Christian Europe. All the while, Western European governments and politicians remain tacitly and silently, accepting. They are complicit. They say nothing to oppose it and do even less to stop the unthinkable from happening again. In Europe. Again. It is down to our politicians and governments to speak and to act and move immediately to take these refugees out of harms way. It is not enough to look towards the camps in Lebanon. Look closer to home. Taking vulnerable Syrian children for assimilation is merely a modern Australianisation.

And all the while, refugees fall to their knees in worship and prayer to their Lord and Creator. In humility and complete subservience. Their oppressors speak of a Christian Europe – well tell me, where is this Christianity we speak of, where is it? Because I see it not. Muslims are in theological terms, closer to Christians than any other faith. Christ to Muslims, is revered beyond measure. Beloved. He is ‘Isa-Masseeh’, Jesus the Anointed One, the Messiah, to return again. He is the revolution. To Muslims, this same Jesus is the embodiment of compassion and love who foretold the coming of a Final Messenger to complete the divine mission. Muslims are called upon by the Prophet Muhammad to reach out to Christians, in love, to protect them, to support them, and live with them in kinship. Where then is this compassion today, in those Christian leaders who profess to uphold Christ’s inheritance? How do they stand by in silent acceptance whilst the wayfarer seeking protection is mistreated on the steps of their homes? There is the unspeakable darkness, that an influx of Muslim families into Europe is indeed seen as a threat to dwindling Western Christendom, those emptying Churches, hard cold pews, and a flock which has strayed towards a secular progressiveness. It has perhaps always been so. Such are the selfish ways of crumbling empires and dwindling dominon. On what we see with our own eyes, we can but only reject the notion these who stand in tacit acceptance and do not seek to change what is happening are Christ’s spiritual successors. They are not.

The wheel turns again. Europe returns to its roots of war and tribe, of walls and fear, of a crippling self-doubt and desperate immaturity. Everything has become a platform for gain.

The revolution is here but we have them locked in pens under yoke and jack boot. So the paradox makes itself known – our own salvation lies in us accepting that history is now asking us to change. To evolve. If ever there was a theory of evolution upon which humanity needed to unite, it is this. We must open our nations, hearts and homes, to the other. To accept the change that will become us. The future asks it of us.

We can do more. We are now the revolution.

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