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A Mafia Of Angels

indentured servitudeThis week no one was able to stop the government pushing through its new Welfare Reform and Work Bill which cuts the benefits to society’s working poor. Those “benefits” are the giving of tax breaks to those who need it most. This after the government has already cut welfare payments to the unemployed, the homeless, the sick and disabled.

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First they came for the poor and disabled. You did nothing. Then they came for the immigrants. And again, you did nothing. Then they came for the working poor and that was you. And then it was too late. 

Be in no doubt about the fact that the cuts to tax credits will hurt the working poor. It will cost them over £1,300 per year and push 200,000 children in to poverty. These measures were proposed by Gideon “George” Osborne, heir apparent to the Baronetcy of Ballentaylor and Ballylemon. All this done under a Prime Minister whose family happen to have made their fortune from the unsavoury matter of slavery and tobacco. Aside from this, Call Me Dave’s of-the-people credentials are somewhat further hampered by the fact he’s the 5th cousin to HRH The Queen. It’s not just the perception that rich overlords are hitting the poor that are causing stomachs to turn, it is perhaps that this Bill was supported by a political party that received only 36.9% of the vote at the general election and when Cameron had made an unequivocal promise on national television not to cut tax credits.

These measures were passed by a government majority in the Commons and then went to the House of Lords where they were not revoked. By a chamber where unelected peers who all but a few, had inherited their seats. All they did was to ask the government to “have a bit of a think”. The key Liberal Democrat fatal motion to kill-off the Bill was voted down. What remained was Baroness Meacher’s politely deferential motion to delay the implementation of the cuts until the Institute of Fiscal Studies report had been considered. Nothing more, nothing less. Following this, the British public have been subjected to a slew of disinformation that the government had lost, it needed to make substantial changes and that there is now a constitutional crisis. Ignore it all. It’s a nonsense being repeated ad nauseam by many including the state broadcaster, giving the impression of a government defeat. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Such is the state of democracy as felt by the British commoner in 2015. Whilst decimating the incomes to the poorest and neediest in society, the UK government has simultaneously increased pensions to wealthy retirees and given tax breaks to millionaires, those with vast inheritances and those earning in excess of £150,000 per year. The greatest money shift in history has happened under our noses, from the poorest in society to the wealthiest, through tax cuts for corporations and individuals. I’ve explained this redistribution of wealth from the poorest to the richest to children and no matter what their age, on a simple iteration of the facts, they have all asked just one simple question:


One explanation is not pretty. We’ve long heard it stated that Britain is uncompetitive and that British workers have a poor work ethic. I reject this assumption. Having travelled the length and breadth of the nation, I see people striving to support their families and their communities through good honest labour, through hard work and graft. I do see steelworkers in Redcar having their coke ovens – a strategic British industrial asset – being irrevocably shut down. I do see politicians deciding to buy state subsidised steel from China when Britain can produce it in Redcar, securing British jobs. I do see the government creating new post industrial ghost towns. I do see Britain and China concluding the stupidest nuclear deal in the world, ever. It is not only the most expensive deal for a power plant at £24bn, it gives China twice the usual profit for something we can do for ourselves. What I do see is a nation increasingly ruled by the nobility and the elite, making ludicrous decisions which line their pockets and hurt the common person.

Life chances in the UK are more than anything, predicated on your wealth at birth. That affects your education, qualifications, opportunity for work and progression; even your life expectancy.

Source: Wealth and Assets Survey – Office for National Statistics

Source: Wealth and Assets Survey – Office for National Statistics

With the UK leading the world on rising wealth inequality, and now as one of the most socially immobile nations on the planet, the rich are becoming richer faster than ever before. This wealth inequality is enough to give the semblance of growth and national wealth to the untrained eye. But smoke and mirrors it all is. The richest 1% in the UK have as much wealth as the poorest 55% of Britons, and 9% of the total wealth is shared by the poorest 50% of the country. The elite are not wealth creators, they are wealth hoarders. It is poor and lower income households who invest income and ‘wealth’ to purchase goods, create opportunities and benefit the economy. If you want economic growth, give money to the poor, they will spend it. Its the same economic arguments behind the idea that immigration fuels an economy – they cause urban regeneration, require products and services, schools, infrastructure and goods. Money flow is the lifeblood of a healthy economy. Ignorant, xenophobic, racist and elitist societies force themselves into decay. Quite right too. Don’t talk to me about a God of the gaps, this is His very own system – a natural selection of morality.

Social disenfranchisement is increasingly race and religious specific. Minority groups are being set adrift as the economic growth figures mask a sordid truth: there are more poor, and they are increasingly poor and desperate. The rich have become stupefyingly wealthy and elite. Incredibly and disproportionately elite. Money taken out of the pockets of the poor, vulnerable and needy. This is now our indicator of wealth and growth. What the old nobility required to keep their economic model of inequality, exclusivity and profitability working, was an underclass. What the new nobility requires to increase their staggering wealth in Britain is a new underclass.

It is the reason Britain will not take middle class, well-educated Syrian refugees but will happily take vulnerable impoverished lone children who can be put through a new Australianisation process. They will be our new Oliver Twists and Artful Dodgers. New Fagin’s will devour them. We will have people on benefits and the unemployed working for benefits, working for peanuts. We will have mass enslaved labour forces in British prisons – mass industrialised complexes – offering up free labour to UK industry, to corporate monsters. It is unashamedly, a system of indentured servitude. Make no mistakes. This is the model of global competitiveness and growth the UK seeks to re-create. It is an old model. A broken model. It is an asinine, short-sighted, unjust and oppressive system which people have rejected time and again. We can be so much more than this. We can be builders and creators. We are more than slave labour for the super rich.

There is no reason why good cannot triumph as often as evil. The triumph of anything is a matter of organization. If there are such things as angels, I hope that they are organized along the lines of the Mafia. 

~ Kurt Vonnegut Jr

My piece predicting this national shame is now four years old. I am utterly sorry it came true. It is perhaps now time for a mafia of angels.

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One comment on “A Mafia Of Angels

  1. The problem with a ‘mafia of angels’ is that they often become what they purport to replace – Ceaser to Stalin. What to do, what to do? or we must ALL get ‘busy, busy, busy’ as we Bokonists say.


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