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My dearest Donald,

You really have reached a new low. No true leader of a free world can you ever be. Should you ever succeed in your political ambitions – and I think you might – you’ll be a genocidal Nazi tyrant. At best.

First you went after the Mexicans. You said they were coming to rape American women and you wanted to build a big wall and then ethnically cleanse North America of 11.5m Mexicans. You may have somewhat missed the great irony of a white European immigrant’s son ethnically cleansing America of indigenous Americans, whilst moaning about immigration. And then you’d charge them for the wall.New 'Trump' Gamboge

Then you critiqued Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle because during the Fox News GOP debate she was a bit hard on you. You poor thing. I believe there are 33 shades of orange. I have colour-matched you as ‘new gamboge’. And how very thin that skin must be.

Then the Muslims. Killing innocent families of terror suspects. Illegal torture. Dipping bullets in pigs blood. Banning all Muslims from entering the US. Othering. Hate. Misinformation. Prejudice. Over and again. That you believe you have the moral, ethical or spiritual station to challenge the Pope, says exactly how imbecilic and puerile you must be. You’re living in a vapid bubble of celebrity where none dare tell you what an utter fool you’re being.

When someone at an event suggested a Muslim ethnic cleansing, you acquiesced. Since then, you’ve repeated lies, misinformation and prejudice from the anti-Muslim far right. Quite rightly, you’ve been described as neo-fascist. As a Nazi. Just this week, Bill O’Reilly and other right wing commentariat like Bernie Goldberg have come to your defence, imploring the people not to draw parallels between you and the despicable Nazis who caused the Holocaust – that there is no similarity, they say.

Quite to the contrary Donald, watch how easily we can make the case:

1. You have split people into a superior master race (Herrenvolk), and inferior races like Muslims, blacks and Mexicans who are effectively sub-human (Untermenschen). Just like the Nazis who allowed certain Jews through, you’ve already said ‘some’ Muslims, those who are your friends, are acceptable.

2. You are targeting an entire religious minority. Rather than pluralism, integration and accommodation, you are insisting on the brutalizing, demonisation and mistreatment of an entire religious group.

3. Your family reportedly came to America on a false premise which I believe you’ve repeated – as Swedish nationals. In fact, it seems they were Germans trying to hide their identity after WWII – what kind of people behave like that we wonder.

4. Your ex-wife Ivana, in her 1990 Vanity Fair interview, stated for the record, that you and your uncle shared Nazi salutes as a private family in-joke in Trump buildings when you met each other – a rather odd greeting and a sick sense of humour, unless it had some meaning, of course.

5. On Memorial Day in 1927, there was a Ku Klux Klan rally in New York. Two men died, seven were arrested. One of those arrested was Fred Trump of Devonshire Rd, Jamaica. YOUR DAD. And since then you refused to disavow David Duke, former Grand Knight of the KKK, when challenged on live TV about his support for you.

6. Last but not least, and yes, it’s kind of twee, but when you’re stood there with all of your children congratulating yourself and your ridiculous comments on the size of your penis, and the prejudice against the Untermenschen you’ve peddled; you and your kids look like the All American Aryan poster family. Just a co-incidence, no doubt.

Trump Family



Beyond this, let’s consider America. Our America. For our America it is and global citizens we are. After all, since WW2 you have invaded, usurped and gone to war with over 90 nations. People often forget that aside from Vietnam, America destroyed 85% of every single building in North Korea. And then 2 million people died in Iraq.

If I had my way Donald, if I wasn’t worried about becoming the monster you already are, I’d ask the Queen to revoke your silly little Declaration of Independence and take you back under British control. You’re bloody clueless. More than 400,000 domestic gun violence deaths since 11th September 2001. Millions hooked on heroin. Mostly white women and kids, incidentally. Record inequality. Corporate ownership of your public institutions and spaces which should be there to benefit the people. Honestly.

But the question for now: does Islam hate you, Donald?

A. Islam as the religion

The values revealed in the holy scriptures and the teachings of the Prophet, promote plurality, coexistence and most of all, PEACE.

The Quran as the final revelation of God completing the Torah and Gospel of Jesus, states the following:

“Say: O you who do not believe!

I worship not what you worship,

and you are not worshipping what I worship; nor am I worshipping what you wor­ship; neither art you worshipping what I worship. Therefore, to you your religion; and to me my religion!” (Quran, v109)

The Prophet was crystal clear and warned against the mistreatment of people from other faiths:

“Beware!  Whoever is cruel and hard

on a non-Muslim minority,

or curtails their rights, or burdens them

with more than they can bear,

or takes anything from them

against their free will; I will complain against the person on the Day of Judgement.”

Donald, Islam as a faith, a system of values and promoted beliefs, cannot hate you. And it doesn’t.

Instead it upholds fundamental and inalienable human rights especially of minorities – ones that too often the West has regularly disregarded and degraded. No reasonable, educated or rational reading of its scriptures allow for that interpretation. No, Donald. Unless you are following an extremist, ISIS-style, twisted and perverted understanding, Islam per se cannot hate you.

B. Islam as a manifestation of its people, the Muslims.

Donald, you need to get your head around a fact. The idea that America was founded upon an exclusively Judeo-Christian premise, is a complete lie. It was founded on the sweat, blood, toil and spiritual enlightenment of Muslims and with Islamic values and principles. Just as the idea that ‘Islam hates us’ is absurd and illogical, so is the erasing of the Muslim and Islamic contribution from the founding and building of America.

HEADLINE: the US constitution, the Founding Fathers, the thought and enlightenment behind them all, was entirely influenced by Islam, Muslims and Islamic thought.

Jefferson and Paine were hugely influenced by the ideas of John Locke and Francis Bacon. Lockean thought on freedom, liberty and government influenced Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. Even Voltaire was a fan of Locke. American ideals on freedom and freedoms which you cherish today, are entirely Lockean. So, what influenced Locke?

In Locke’s published works, he rejects (as Muslims do) the divinity of Christ and the Trinity. English Calvinists like John Edwards, accused of Locke of being Muslim because of Locke’s alignment with Islamic thought. It wasn’t a coincidence. Locke’s enemies accused him of being a Muslim who interpreted the Christian Gospel according to the Quran. Locke was the protégé of Edward Pococke, an Oxford scholar, who went to Syria and became an Islamic scholar. As a Christian. Pococke was a very smart guy, Donald. He considered Islam so awesome, so important the enshrined values on freedom and human rights, on plurality and enlightenment; he said every school in England should teach Islamic studies to every English child. Locke learned from Pococke, the Founding Fathers learned from Locke. And America lives and breathes Locke’s ideals in the US Constitution.

America’s history is utterly intertwined with Islam. Muslim navigators visited, traded and intermarried in the Americas five centuries before Columbus arrived with The Reconquista. Most of the slaves brought to American shores were Muslim. And where would America be today without the contribution of these Black African Muslims who, enslaved, built America under the yoke of white oppression? Arguably, they fight it still. And in Chapel Hill, we drifted further from the promise of America as another white American man slaughtered young Muslim hope.


No, Donald. Islam doesn’t hate you.

But be warned. You’re polling record negatives, and for very good reason. People instinctively hate neo-fascism and Nazism. Whilst your family seemingly supported white fascism, my grandfather fought for the British Army against Nazis and fascists. He lost two of his brothers doing so. Good people have bled fighting the likes of you.

We know your sort, Donald. Prejudice and hate are the currency you pay for power and control. It is a price you pay happily and readily.

We know your sort, Donald because we were told never to forget.

Yours sincerely,

Mohammed Ansar


  1. stevetopple

    Reblogged this on Mutterings from The Left and commented:
    On-point, as always, from Mo Ansar – on #Trump.


  2. Brian Ashdown

    As a non Muslim I find that your words to Trump express the same sentiments that I, and I expect many others, also have. My only concern is that Mr.T has a short attention span and will only get as far as the 2nd or 3rd paragraphs. Maybe he’ll finish reading it when he is in jail, where I sincerely hope he ends up. Thank you.


  3. LesH

    A great piece of writing from a thoughtful man. We interacted once on Twitter and you put a shout out to help me find a job, something I will always be grateful for even if it didn’t pay off at the time!

    Thanks to UK immigration laws – which forced my American wife out of the country – I now live in the western USA and one thing worries me about your letter: I realise you were probably being hyperbolic but insinuating taking the USA back under British control won’t endear you to even the most progressive of Americans, and said progressives are already on your side and on the side of all your sisters and brothers. As I said at the beginning though, aside from that (in my opinion somewhat inadvisable) comment, this sums up the thoughts of a lot of people and I salute you.

    Best wishes, Les Hudson, “de”patriated Brit.


  4. Pete Cox

    i just thought at least we know it thinks now , and tbh thats dangerous


  5. Spamtrap

    “The idea that America was founded upon an exclusively Judeo-Christian premise, is a complete lie. It was founded on the sweat, blood, toil and spiritual enlightenment of Muslims and with Islamic values and principles. ”
    yeah, all those American Muslim presidents, astronauts, scientists, generals, businessmen.


  6. scott

    Coming from someone who is not even willing to be an American first, but sure is willing to take the advantages of living in this great country.. Your letter means nothing hypocrite.. Islam does hate and untill they show different you can all go back to a Islamic Muslim country and kill each other like you have been doing since the beginning…..


    • Mo Ansar

      Scott, this may have somewhat escaped your notice, as observant as the Islamophobic Trump supporters might be to have found themselves willing to vote for such a morally reprehensible and ethically bereft individual; but I’m not American. I’m British. As to tge question if Islam, try reading the letter.


      • Mona Woodhouse

        Your one to talk clean up your house then speak
        the actions of your religion speak volumes


      • Mo Ansar

        Why are you counting from 3? Start counting from 0 or 1. History didn’t begin on 911.


  7. Hindia

    I sense anger Mohammed but it’s an informative letter. let’s not our emotions block the view of clear thinking.

    may peace be upon u!


  8. Jane Grover

    Do you actually believe any of the “history” stuff?

    And if islam is so wonderful why does every pace which implements more islam become more intolerant?

    And don’t don’t forget the millions of slaves taken by muslims


    • Mo Ansar

      It would have been nice if you had read the letter and then realised Islam’s contribution to the world, such as enlightened thought, the scientific method, critical thinking, pluralism, Humanism and much more besides. Hold the frontpage: Islam isn’t ISIS.


      • Jane Grover

        I read it – a lot of it nonsense

        I didn’t say islam is ISIS. Can you give me any examples of countries where islam is implemented correctly?


      • Pablo

        Maybe you had some merits in the past,but in modern history you will be judged by your violence,rapes,murders,antisemitism,anti Christianism,anti Yazidi,No Go Zones,calls to conquer Vatican,chasing police,beheading and signs where the most common word was KILL.But since you don’t give a damn about what infidels say,we don’t give a damn what you have to say about someone who wants to end that Muslim imperialistic and expansionist bloody madness.We have our heroes and you have yours.Ours is Donald Trump and yours Al Baghdadi.Two different worlds that can’t live together as your leaders said so many times.Regards.( If you meet a Christians or Jew,please don’t kill him). Thank you


  9. Stoddardjamil

    While most people, including supporters, have issues with castigating an entire religion, many of your notes above are either based media exaggeration or flatout misrepresentation. It is no different than right wingers who were led to believe Barack Obama was a radical communist who would serve as a Pol Pot once president when he’s more or less a standard Democratic liberal, possibly less so than the Great Society era.

    The feelings of Islamophobia in the US are directly tied to the fact we were attacked in a mass terror attack and have had many incidents of violence within our own borders since. You can claim this is unfair, painting with a broad brush, an opinion born of ignorance, and indicate many self identified Christians or native born ctizens who have managed other dastardly actions. I’m just explaining the reasons for the feelings, not agreeing. What so often happens with educated moderates such as yourself is that you often leave out cultural factors of Islam which exist side by side with immigrants outside the West of that faith. I know its possible to be a Muslim and not be a misogynist, or engage in pedophilic behavior, and that there is great reverence for education and economic prosperity once the barriers of despotic homelands are left behind for market democracy. However it would be as foolish to deny these factors exist and should be condemned as well as terrorist movements instead of white washing because then demagogues such as Trump need one glaring example like the San Bernadino shooting after Paris to justify expressing the xenophobia many people already possess but might have hidden before.

    When people want to justify hatred they need one example to support their bias. Its no different than those who used George W Bush and Tony Blair as an excuse to justify hatred of Americans and the British.


  10. Christian maxwell

    Right so Islam is a religion of peace….I’ll leave this here

    Say (O Muhammad) to those who disbelieve: “You will be defeated and gathered together to Hell, and worst indeed is that place to rest.”

    Truly, the religion with Allah is Islam. Those who were given the Scripture (Jews and Christians) did not differ except, out of mutual jealousy, after knowledge had come to them. And whoever disbelieves in the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, signs, revelations, etc.) of Allah, then surely, Allah is Swift in calling to account.

    And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah) and (all and every kind of) worship is for Allah (Alone). But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)


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  12. shippingsocialist

    One of the best posts I’ve read on this topic!! Great work – I definitely agree!


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