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An Open Letter to the Labour PLP

Dear Labour PLP,

You really have been a bunch of twats this week. Or so I’ve overheard it said more than once.

If you think a new Labour leader is going to give you a majority at the next general election, you’re badly mistaken. The change in constituency boundaries favours the Tories; the new individual electoral registration system has disenfranchised thousands of natural Labour voters; you lost Scotland to the SNP by using a neoconservative candidate in a socialist stronghold (exactly how stupid are you?); the removal of short money means policies are a non-existant or are a mess; the brutal Tory death-by-a-thousand-cuts to Unions has decimated support. There are plenty more reasons why Labour isn’t able to win a majority this summer.

Then there has been the utter stupidity. I’m not sure if we have ever seen such a public display of galactic disloyalty. It’s the kind of thing to haunt you at every election, in every job interview. Regicide is no new thing but it’s a thing you better get right. Niccolò Machiavelli wrote

“Never do an enemy a small injury… the injury that is to be done to a man ought to be of such a kind that one does not stand in fear of revenge.” 

Tis a curious thing. John McDonnell the Corbyn camp have always been clear: if you want to challenge Jeremy, stand for the leadership. He’s democratically elected. So stand. Let’s see what you have. The Labour leader has a mandate from the base. An overwhelming mandate. He was never about to just stand down. For anyone to think that is truly unfit to hold public office. In any event, backstabbing your leader – the most popular political figure in the modern era – to merely cause a flesh wound; what imbecile ever thought that was a good idea?

Even with a sharp-suited Blairite snake oil salesman rockstar at the helm, you’re not going to win a majority this summer. You’re not going to win a majority this summer. Period. All you had to do was stay cool as the Tories disappeared down an EU referendum back hole. All you had to do was listen to comrade Tammy: stand by your man. The general election was going to be an open goal. Ball on the one yard line. All you needed to do was just not lose your nerve and tap it in. Just not to succumb to naval gazing, not to eat your own heads, not to deflect the national interest from the fact the Tories have self destructed. Just don’t be idiots. Whatever you do.

The PLP is badly out of touch. Evidently the latter of these pleas was a time space continuum breaking paradox; why, I have no idea. The people oppose austerity. They are tired of war. They are fed up with unfairness. They want an end to the politics of prejudice and hate. They don’t want a grey suit with a smart quiff. They. Do. Not. Want. Bullingdon. Boys. We want substance. We are tired of lying telegenic politicians. We want people who are honest, loyal, fair. Yes, even if they look like uncool geography teachers.

The public aren’t half as stupid as you think we are. At the ballot box there will certainly be a consequence for those who voted for air-strikes to take the lives of innocent Syrian children as much as those who went Leave. How any of you could support the likes of the BNP and UKIP to take us out of Europe. Honestly.

Remember in a few weeks you will be defending you seats. This summer we will see a coalition of the progressive Left defeat the hard right by means of that magic thing: coalition. Nicola Sturgeon is a formidable politician. She’s the highest rated politician in the UK. It’s not only in Borgen that a female leader of a minority party in coalition can keep the majority conservatives out in the cold. Know who your friends are.

Mutiny is ugly. Especially if you aimed at the King. And you missed.



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