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Cuts to services are inevitable. Losing services isn’t. Why we need to save Watford’s Adventure Playgrounds.

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The Muslim Penalty

The new Demos research says Muslims are the most discriminated group in the workplace. So what’s the answer?

13/10/2015 · 3 Comments

The New Politics, Faith and New Hope

Oppression and disempowerment is everywhere. The secular Western political system isn’t broken, it’s just that we’ve lost faith.

Yet there remains a new hope. Collectivise. Organise. Take control.

02/10/2015 · 1 Comment

Massive ‘Islamophobia industry’ flourishes in US

Hate is not the answer. The burgeoning $200m industry attacking Muslims in Europe and the US, breeding a cycle of violence and hate.

18/05/2015 · 1 Comment

Should Halal And Kosher Be Banned?

For the New Internationalist Magazine, my debate with Tony Wardle, Associate Director of animal rights campaigning group, Viva! _________________________  YES: Tony Wardle is Associate Director of Viva! – an animal rights campaigning … Continue reading

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Palestinian Fair Trade: The Fight For Survival

Palestinian farmers struggling for a meagre existence face ethnic cleansing and horrific aggression …the blank cheque provided to the Israeli state by the US and UK must become a thing of the past. BDS isn’t going to be enough… it’s time to crowdfund Palestine.

11/03/2015 · 2 Comments

Immigration Street, Poverty Porn and The New Far Right

How about we stop with these bloody walls. Tear them down. We reject the politics of indentured servitude. We will not go quietly into the night.

23/02/2015 · 3 Comments

Twitter Should Not Be A Realm Beyond The Law

Its time we deal with social media – it is not a realm beyond the law. We are not emotional punch bags and door mats for the most feckless, ignorant and debase amongst us to work out their issues against.

21/01/2013 · 7 Comments

Our Complicity In War-Rape

By destroying the lives of mothers, you destroy the fabric of society. The UK is subject to US policy which allows for the discriminatory treatment of women who are raped in wars. We must reject all forms of violence against women.

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Advertising Islamophobia Hits London Railways

JCDecaux, the billions of Euros given in contracts for signs around the world, and the links to Islamophobia and Sarkozy affecting Muslim charities advertising in train stations.

18/12/2012 · 23 Comments

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