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A Mafia Of Angels

First they came for the poor and disabled. You did nothing. Then they came for the immigrants. And again, you did nothing. Then they came for the working poor and that was you. And then it was too late.

Britain’s new nobility. Funded by the new underclass.

28/10/2015 · 1 Comment

Massive ‘Islamophobia industry’ flourishes in US

Hate is not the answer. The burgeoning $200m industry attacking Muslims in Europe and the US, breeding a cycle of violence and hate.

18/05/2015 · 1 Comment

America: Heroin, War and Bloodlust – A Jester’s Empire Out Of Control

The American Dream is a sugar-coated marketing tool. Please shoppers, eat your medicine and shut-the-f***-up. No refunds.

27/04/2015 · 1 Comment

The Ethnic Cleansing of Our Streets

The coalition government intends to bring into being a new strategy on Housing Benefits; and these changes are going to crush ethnic minority families and force them out of the … Continue reading

05/02/2012 · 20 Comments

Britain’s Dirty Secret: Indentured Servitude

Our intuitive mind often overrules our considered mind and we oversimplify things. Its time to cut through the noise and understand how the UK is going to become a global power – through modern slave labour.

25/11/2011 · 2 Comments

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