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Our Complicity In War-Rape

By destroying the lives of mothers, you destroy the fabric of society. The UK is subject to US policy which allows for the discriminatory treatment of women who are raped in wars. We must reject all forms of violence against women.

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Women – WMDs for a new generation

Egypt’s naked blogger, an atheist, is a bomb aimed at the patriarchs in our minds? No, I don’t think so. This is an old story, done to death in the West. And PS, it’s a failed story.

01/12/2011 · 13 Comments

Poppy Fascism

How we signed-up school children as recruiting sergeants in the cultural propaganda battle to promote war.

08/11/2011 · 1 Comment

The Image of Islam – Part II

Islam is simply edited out from history. Unacknowledged. School kids never had a chance. We cannot even argue that it is a revisionist position as the history books never tell the full story in the first instance.

16/04/2006 · 3 Comments

The Image of Islam – Part I

So, what is Islam?

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The Truth About Islam

Muslims in America, the Reconquista and the Truth About Islam

15/04/2006 · 5 Comments

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