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Is Britain still a Christian country?

Britain is not a Christian country any more, according to a Report from the Woolf Institute and Baroness Butler-Sloss. Hear the debate with Mo Ansar and English Democrat politician, Robin Tilbrook.

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Can Muslims Ever Influence British Politics?

My interview by Professor Tariq Ramadan for his television series, Islam and Life – excerpt compiled by Julie Poucher Harbin, Editor, ISLAMiCommentary Follow @MoAnsar on Twitter Mohammed Ansar: “In a modern society, … Continue reading

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Should Halal And Kosher Be Banned?

For the New Internationalist Magazine, my debate with Tony Wardle, Associate Director of animal rights campaigning group, Viva! _________________________  YES: Tony Wardle is Associate Director of Viva! – an animal rights campaigning … Continue reading

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Islam And Women

My interview with the Christian theologian, Vicky Beeching for Faith In Feminism. ————————- VB: Mo, do you believe that a person can hold the Muslim faith and a passion for … Continue reading

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