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An Open Letter to the Labour PLP

The Labour PLP really have been a bunch of twats… or so I keep being told.

28/06/2016 · Leave a comment

JO COX: Public Servant, Rest In Peace

Jo has fallen. Pick up her torch and carry it aloft.

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Part 1: Smear campaigns, Labour and Mr Jones

Who you are and how you define yourself is important in life. I was beyond the reach of a dirty bribe and it was clearly his modus operandii. Really, I couldn’t be arsed with it.

08/05/2016 · 13 Comments

The New Politics, Faith and New Hope

Oppression and disempowerment is everywhere. The secular Western political system isn’t broken, it’s just that we’ve lost faith.

Yet there remains a new hope. Collectivise. Organise. Take control.

02/10/2015 · 1 Comment

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