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JO COX: Public Servant, Rest In Peace

Jo has fallen. Pick up her torch and carry it aloft.

16/06/2016 · Leave a comment

The Muslim Problem and How Not To Solve It

At the heart of European Muslim ghettos, are failed policies, a stunning lack of investment and development of communities. It’s time state agencies, civil society and public and private sectors accept their share of the blame.

31/03/2016 · 1 Comment

Massive ‘Islamophobia industry’ flourishes in US

Hate is not the answer. The burgeoning $200m industry attacking Muslims in Europe and the US, breeding a cycle of violence and hate.

18/05/2015 · 1 Comment

Phoenix from the flames

Alice through the looking glass. Media misreporting, De Menezes, Forest Gate, Coulson, Brooks and how to whip up hysteria.

08/08/2011 · Leave a comment

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